Tea and Coffee Franchise Opportunities

We bring for you a wide variety of tea and coffee brands which are looking to expand their business through franchising root. Tea & Coffee franchise is a low investment and high returns business. It is the highest in demand and fastest-growing sector in India. Tea and Coffee franchise works in all the session, people always buy cold and hot coffee and tea according to their mood and atmosphere. Have a look at some the highest-selling Coffee and tea franchise.

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Chai Chun – India’s First Organized Tea Boutique Chain, Inviting franchise partners.
Area Required: 250 – 600 sq.ft. | Investment: 18 – 27 Lacs
Established in 2015, Chai Chun, a division of the Evergreen Group, is India’s first organized tea boutique chain. The brand promises to offer the Indian tea drinker an inspiring experience from purchase to sip. Headquartered in Siliguri, West Bengal – the core of India’s tea-growing business, Chai Chun has its tea boutiques in different states of India – West Bengal, Sikkim and Maharashtra.

Chai Garam – A Well – Established & Ever-Growing Chain of Specialty Tea Cafes, Inviting Franchise partners
Area: 80 – 250 sq.ft. | Investment: 9 – 12 Lacs
Chai Garam is a decade-old chain of speciality tea cafe serving over 20 types of freshly brewed handmade teas using garden-fresh ingredients. Chai Garam has Pan India presence with 38 outlets in different formats.

Coffee Point – The Pioneer In Coffee Vending Business In India, Inviting Franchise Partners
Three Franchise Models: Corner Model | Kiosk | Cafe
Area Required: 100 – 600 sq.ft. | Investment: 10 – 21 Lacs
370+ Outlets & Growing | 10+ Indian States & Growing | 140+ Million Cups Sold Every Year | 80+ Locations for Service Support | 15+ Hubs for Raw Material Supplies
Fresh & Honest Coffee Point, the retail venture of Fresh & Honest Cafe Limited, is the preferred quick-service cafe, offering freshly brewed coffee at affordable prices.

High On Tea – Mumbai’s Popular & Promising Tea Cafe Brand, Inviting Franchise Partners
Investment: 17 – 18 Lacs | Area: 500 sq.ft
High on Tea is a popular and interesting tea café that operates two outlets in Mumbai. Started with an aim to serve refreshing tea flavours amidst a cosy, quaint and comfortable ambience, High on Tea serves more than 40 different varieties of teas along with complementing global foods and snacks.

Pappu Chaiwalla – India’s Leading Chaiteria Brand, Inviting Franchise Partners
Kiosk: Area: 200 – 300 sq.ft. | Investment: 10 – 15 Lacs
Cafe: Area: 500 – 700 sq.ft. | Investment: 15 – 20 Lacs
Founded in 2015, Pappu Chaaiwalla is a café designed QSR model with a central kitchen. With 7 running outlets, it is one of the leading cafes in Bangalore.

Tealive – A Leading Tea Brand From Malaysia, Inviting Franchise Partners
Area Required: 300 Sq.Ft. | Investments: 36 Lacs Onwards
150+ Outlets in Malaysia | 70+ Delicious Tealive Drinks
The Tealive in a nutshell. We are a homegrown brand with great ambition. We bring tea to life and life to tea and we truly believe in making your tea experience extraordinary
An award-winning international brand currently operating in Malaysia and Vietnam, with plans to expand to Australia, China, UK, Japan & Thailand.

The Chai Story – A Fast Growing Chain of Professionally Managed Tea cafes, Inviting Franchise Partners
Area: 100 – 500 sq.ft. | Investment: 14 – 29 Lacs | Royalty: 7%
Payback: 1 year 2 months | Return on investment: 87%
Launched in 2015, The Chai Story is a fast-growing chain of TEA cafe across Delhi & NCR region. Currently located at 9 places across Delhi NCR.
The chai story has partnered with America’s Global fast food restaurant chain ‘Burger King’ for having kiosks inside their restaurants.

Tea Time – The Greatest and Fastest Growing Tea brand, Inviting Franchise Partners
Investment: 5 Lacs | Area: 100 sq.ft.
With 200+ outlets, Tea Time is the largest tea store the chain in the country.
Tea Time is one of the largest tea brands in India, having a chain of outlets selling different kinds of Tea, coolers, and shakes. Tea Time which in India spanning across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, is that sweet corner tea shop in the city where all chai lovers meet.

Chai Sutta Bar – A fast-growing chain of premium cafes, Inviting Franchise Partners
Investment: 15 Lacs | Area: 80 – 2000 sq.ft.

Chai Shots – a fast-casual growing chain of tea cafés, Inviting Franchise Partners
Investment: 15-23 Lacs | Area: 150-400 sq. ft.
Chai Shots is a fast-casual growing chain of tea cafés with 4 outlets across Delhi – NCR offering homely breakfast and all-day snacks with freshly brewed tea. It strongly believes in product quality, hygiene and prudent client service

Namma Theneer Kadai – Chennai’s Chain of Tea House, Inviting Franchise Partners
Investment: 20 – 30 Lacs | Area: 350 – 1000 sq.ft.
Offering a wide array of quick bites, this is a great spot to put your hunger pangs to rest. It offers a variety of preparations on the menu from multiple cuisines.

Chaai Resto – Bengaluru’s Leading Food Chain, Inviting Franchise Partners
Area: 200 – 500 sq.ft. | Investment: 10 – 15 Lacs
30 Flavours of Chai in Single Menu
Chaai Resto has 12 bars across India, and 10 corporate bars in Bangalore. At our bars, you can choose from a wide range of heart-warming hot beverages or enjoy a refreshing iced drink.

Dr Bubbles – A Breakthrough in the World of Beverages, Inviting Franchise Partners
Franchise Facts
Area: 150 – 250 sq.ft | Investment: 15 – 16 Lacs
30+ Successfully Running Outlets
Dr Bubbles, as the name suggests, gives a research lab experience to an individual who enters a Dr Bubbles outlet. Through unique bubble tea flavours and an engrossing ambience, Dr Bubbles aims to offer an exclusive experience of tasting bubble tea, which is relatively a fresh cold beverage in India.

Cha Bar – A Popular Tea Lounge Chain from India’s legendary Apeejay Surrendra Group, Inviting Franchise Partners
Area Required: 700 – 1000 sq.ft. | Investment: 40 – 45 Lacs
Cha Bar is a Creative Initiative of visionary entrepreneur and director of the Apeejay Surrendra Group – Ms Priti Paul the guiding force behind Oxford Bookstores. The Initiative is backed by Apeejay Surrendra Group’s experience in the tea plantation sector. Starting from Kolkata’s Park Street, today Cha Bar has its presence within oxford bookstores of different cities in India – Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata, Mumbai & New Delhi

Chaii Fever – The Growing Chain of Tea Cafe, Inviting Franchise Partners
Area Required: 100 – 500 sq.ft. | Investment: 12 – 22 Lacs
ROI Period: 12 – 18 Months | 4% Royalty after 4 Months
Bringing the medieval concept of tea in KULHAD, Chaii Fever redefines the taste of tea with its history, diversity and popular culture. Chaii Fever was inaugurated in the city known for its beauty, Chandigarh, VR Punjab Mall, Mohali. The cafe includes over 100 products in kitty including a variety of tea flavours, thick shakes, tea time snacks and patisserie.

Chai Ke Diwane – India’s Most Popular Drink of History Chai, Inviting Franchise Partners
Area: 300 sq.ft. | Investment: 7 Lacs
17 Existing Outlets | Quick ROI
Chai Ke Diwane is a concept of making Chai serving an organised way and also bringing affordability and satisfaction with every cup of chai.

Kadak Special – Pune’s Leading Tea Cafe Chain, Inviting Franchise Partners
Area Required: 200 – 250 sq.ft. | Investment: 10 – 12 Lakh
Average Payback: 9 – 12 Month | 18+ successfully running outlet
As providing quality food product is a part of Kadak special’s mission, glad to share that we are ISO certified company. The company was established in mid-2018, and by end of the year they have 6 plus branches across Pune, Mumbai, Latur and many more coming very soon, the first branch being located in the heart of Pune at Sadashiv Peth.

Tea Junction – Pioneers in Handcrafted Khullad Chai Since 2004, Inviting Franchise Partners
250 – 450 sq.ft. | Investment: 14 – 16 Lacs
Tea Junction is a promising F&B venture of Ambuja Realty which aims to revive the conventional hangout culture where people had healthy discussions over a cup of tea. Tea Junction is the preferred ‘Adda’ to have chitchat and discussions with friends, colleague and family over one’s favourite tea flavour. The place is loved for hot Khullad (mud pot) of rich Kesariya (saffron) tea. Along with tea, one can enjoy various Indian savouries and desserts, making their experience refreshing and rejuvenating.

The Kettlery – Exclusive tea-centric brand offering Unique Tea Varieties, Inviting Franchise Partners
Area Required: 200 Sq.ft. | Investment: 25 Lacs
The Kettlery is a speciality tea brand which brings an exclusive range of best gourmet tea varieties, healthy tisanes, and quality loose leaf tea flavours for Indian tea lovers. With more than 60 unique tea varieties and various blending choices, The Kettlery store is a perfect spot for a hardcore tea aficionado.

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