Millennium School Franchise

School Franchise Opportunity

Millennium Education Management has a track record of successfully running schools around the country and has a chain of satisfied franchisees. It has built it’s reputation by setting high benchmarks in providing quality products and support.

Model Brand Requirements Investment Association Model
Greenfield The Millennium School Minimum 2 acres of land
1 lac sq ft of built up area
5 cr onwards One time association fee and royalty
Brownfield The Millennium School Minimum 1.5 acres of land
Willingness to expand to 1 lac sq ft of built up area
As per requirements One time association fee and royalty

 What does Millennium Education Management provide you?

Experience with successful operations in schools
  • More than 4 dozen K-12 schools around the country nurtured by the team
India’s first fully integrated learning system for schools
  • Text books, Project books, Assessments – FA/SA’s
  • Portfolios, Reports, Audits & Reviews, Processes & Policies
  • Best Practices, Teaching Strategies
Technology enabled and integrated learning system
  • Offers a comprehensive school ERP system for effective operations
  • SmartClasses for every classroom
  • Fliplearn for parents
International and National award-winning curriculum
  • Research-based content, pedagogically appropriate and innovative
World class training
  • Exposure to new methodologies for school leaders & teachers
  • Intensive and outcome-driven
School systems and practices
  • Best practices and policies embedded into the school learning system

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