McDonald’s Restaurant Franchise Cost

McDonald’s Franchise in India

McDonald’s has been a franchising organization since 1955, and has depended on its franchisees to assume a noteworthy part in the framework’s success.

It entered India in 1995 via two entrepreneurs Amit Jatia and Vikram Bakshi. Amit Jatia , Vice Chairman, Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd for West & South India and Vikram Bakshi ‘s Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited for North & East India.

McDonald’s Franchise
“McDonald’s is keen to build out-of-home breakfast as a category in India and at this point evaluating the possibility of All-Day Breakfast campaign here. We would try to build our breakfast along with our McDelivery Service,” said Ranjith Paliath, Vice-President (business operations), McDonald’s India (West & South), overseeing 213 restaurants.

Before you settle on the choice to open a McDonald’s franchise, you need to look over a copy of their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This is a 375 page documents that gives a broad outline of the rights and responsibilities of a McDonald’s franchise proprietor.

It contains fundamentals of cost, area, training, operations, and the progressing expenses required in working a McDonald’s franchise. The document contains a great deal of lawful and business terms, so on the off chance that you don’t have a broad foundation in law or business you might need to employ a business or corporate lawyer to help you interpret the FDD. You need to ensure you completely comprehend your rights and responsibilities before focusing on a franchise.

McDonald’s Franchise Cost & Fee
To open a McDonald’s franchise requires a total investment of Rs 6.6 Cr – Rs 14 Cr, with liquid capital available of Rs 5 Cr.
The franchise fee is Rs 30 lakh.
As a franchise, you will be charged a service fee of 4% of total sales.
Expected Breakeven Point: 2-3 years

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