Gym & Fitness Centre Franchise Opportunities

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Find Best Gym Franchise, Fitness Centre Franchise, Gym Business, Fitness Centre Business Franchise Opportunities in India

The fitness industry is expected to grow from INR 85.4 billion currently to INR 142.47 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 18.60%. Gym and Fitness center is one of the most promising industries with lot of potential to grow. If you are fitness passionate and have always thought of making a career out of your passion than taking up a franchise of a gym or a fitness centre is the best decision you will ever make. Gym and Fitness center is one of the most promising industry with lot of potential to grow. Franchise India offers more than 50 franchise opportunities. For a profitable, easy to manage business choose your franchise now!

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Gym & Fitness Centre Franchise

Chisel Gym Franchise

A Virat Kohli initiative set up in Bengaluru with world class equipments

Area : 2000 – 7000 sq.ft.
Investment : 1 Cr. – 3.16 Cr.
Expansion : Pan India
JYMKA Family Fitness Club Franchise
Jymka Family Fitness Club

Be a Partner with European Award winning. Unique Family Fitness Club

Area: 1800 – 3500 sq.ft.
Investment: 35 Lacs – 50 Lacs
Expansion: Pan India

The Great Khali Franchise
The Great Khali

AN EXCLUSIVE GYM & FITNESS CLUB the prestige and brand image of The Great Khali

Area: 5000 – 7000 sq.ft.
Investment: 2 Cr. – 3.5 Cr.
Expansion: Pan India

My Home Fitness Franchise
My Home Fitness


Investment: 12 – 55 Lacs
Expansion: Nationwide

Shivfit – The Spirit of Fitness

An integrated mind & body fitness program

Area:: 750 – 2000 sq.ft.
Investment: 30 – 60 Lacs
Expansion: Pan India

Anytime Fitness

Area Franchisees Required for The World Leader

Area:: 3500 sq.ft.
Investment: 1.5 Cr.
Expansion: Pan India

Proline Fitness

Leader in Fitness Equipments

Area: 500 – 700 sq.ft.
Investment: 14.5 Lacs
Expansion: Karnataka & Tamil Nadu

Flip Out

Branching out with stores in the UK, Taipei, Dubai Newzealand & Australia Now Here

Area: 5000 – 10000 sq.ft.
Investment: 2 Cr. – 3 Cr.
Expansion: Pan India


Hongkong’s Premier Fitness Chain

Area: 4000 – 10000 sq.ft.
Investment: 1.5 Cr. – 3.5 Cr.
Expansion: Pan India

Bio Rhythm

600+ exclusive moves, 350+ locations in 50+ countries including 6 centers in India

Area: 400 – 600 sq.ft.
Investment: 13 – 20 Lacs
Expansion: Pan India

Figure of Choice

An exclusive chain of fitness centers by women for women

Area: 1000 – 2000 sq.ft.
Investment: 26 – 40 Lacs
Expansion: Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, Pune, Gujarat


Europe’s No.1 Fat Loss Brand Now In India

Area: 800 – 1000 sq.ft.
Investment: 1.3 Cr.
Expansion: Pan India

Energy Fitness

A renowned fitness center offering comprehensive fitness solutions

Area: 4000 – 5000 sq.ft.
Investment: 70 – 80 Lacs
Expansion: Tier 1 & Tier 2 Cities


Zorba Experience the harmony of life

Area: 800 – 1200 sq.ft.
Investment: 27 Lacs
Expansion: Pan India

Samson Slim Care

Leading Slimming Center chain of Tamil Nadu

Area: 2000 sq.ft.
Investment: 25 Lacs
Expansion: Pan India

Nutrience Kids

Join the Fitness Revolution

Area: 900 – 1700 sq.ft.

Investment: 25 – 36 Lacs

Expansion: Pan India

Body Building India

A Renowned Fitness Brand Offering World Class body building products

Area: 300 sq.ft.

Investment: 14 – 15 Lacs

Expansion: Pan India

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