Garam Dharam Restaurant Franchise

Garam Dharam – Inspired by Bollywood Superstar Dharmendra, inviting franchise partners

Garam Dharam is a grand dhaba restaurant, that opened in September 2015, inspired by the veteran actor- Dharamendraji, a delight to all Dharam Ji’s fans. The cuisine served here is Indian dhaba style. It is endorsed by Big Fish Ventures, owned by Umang Tiwari, who is awarded Best Hospitality award by Dr. Manmohan Singh, former prime minister of India. Other ventures – Skooter, 3 Pegs Down, The Vault, and OMG are already popular in their market segment.

USP Of Garam Dharam Restaurant:

    • Regularly updated menu and recipes
    • Mobile App bookings and orders
    • Celebrity connect with launch done by Bollywood Superstar – Dharmendra
    • Desi Styled Dhaba

Support to Franchise

    • Training & Recruitment Of The Staff
    • Launch Support
    • Operational Support
    • Marketing Support 

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